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Hydraulic Parts

PMC manufactures quality OEM aftermarket hydraulic parts for piston pumps and motors. Our high-quality materials ensure superior manufacturing of rotary groups, cylinder blocks, valve plates, piston sets, set plates, shoe plates, shafts, swash plate assemblies, ball guides, seal kits, and more. Trust PMC for unmatched excellence in hydraulic solutions!

High-grade materials used for key components, ensuring superior performance.

OEM After Market Hydraulic Parts

K907, SK0711, SK07N2, SK200, SK015SR

MAG150, MSF270/340, PSV2, PSVD2, PSVk2



DC60/68, E300

DNB08/50, K3V180/200DTH, K3SP36, K3V63/112/140/180/280DT, K5V80/140DT, K5V212/K7V63, KVC925/930/932, M2X22/55/63/96/120/146/170/210, M5X130/180, MX03/80/173/750, MX55S, NV64/70/80/84/111/137/172DT, NV137/270, NVK45DT

EM105, GM08/09/15/17, GM18VL2, GM30F, GM30H, GM35VL

EX60/100/200/400, HMT107/116/134CF, HMV145, HPV050/102/118/125/135/145, HPV145F, UH07/10, ZAXIS120/270/450,

HTM450D, MFB80/160

90L055/75/100/130, M15/18, M20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27, M46, PV16A, PV119, PVA656SL, PVD21/22, VRD63, S45J45, S45F90, H1P053, 90P250

A10V28/40/43/45/63/71, A10V100, A10VD17/43, A2FO23, A4V71EL, A4V125, A4VG125/180, A8VO107/160/200, A8V55/80/86/107/172, AP2D25/36, Ap5S53, A20V060 


PVH131, V38, TA1919

CAT12G/14G, CAT312/320/325, CAT350L, SBS80, E200B, SPK10/10, MS110/160/180, MS230/300/450



2PV35/75/105, BPV200, HPR100/130/160 

OEM After Market parts

PMC Spare Parts