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PTM Series Track Motors

The PTM Track Motor boasts a robust design and cutting-edge technology, ensuring unmatched power and reliability. Experience consistent and high-performance output across various applications.

PMC Track Motor

Versatile Applications: From construction and agriculture to specialized vehicles and precision machinery, the PTM Track Motor is engineered to excel. Adaptability is at the core of our design, making it the perfect fit for a wide range of industries.

The PTM Series are swash type axial piston motors with built in double-counter balance valve, mechanical brake, and reduction gear. It is used in various areas, including construction, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, and special vehicles.

Invest in durability that stands the test of time. PTM Track Motors are crafted from premium materials and stringent quality control, guaranteeing a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

Product Features


Product Code

Models & Technical Specifications

MODELTorque (kgf.m)Speed (rpm)Displacement (cc/rev)Pressure (kgf/cm2)Parking Torque (kgf.m)Max Flow (L/m)PDF
PTM-12/6-01-R25104.7/52.338.6/77.312.4/6.2210MIN 212.1Download
PTM-12/6-01-R37153.2/76.540.9/81.812.4/6.2210MIN 218.75Download
PTM-13/7-01-R37164.5/83.938.1/74.613.3/6.8210MIN 218.75Download
PTM-16/10-01-R53308/195.439.7/62.616.4/10.4220MIN 6.635Download
PTM-16/10-02-R53308/195.439.7/62.616.4/10.4220MIN 6.635
PTM-16/11-01-R43284/197.450/7216.4/11.4255MIN 3.835
PTM-23/14-01-R53478/30027.7/44.323.5/14.7240MIN 6.635Download
PTM-44/22-01-R53822/42523.4/45.143.7/22.6220MIN 45155Download
PTM-47/27-01-R531195/70532.7/55.546.6/27.5300MIN 45182Download
PTM-53/34-01-R451080/68641.2/64.953.2/33.8285MIN 820100Download
PTM-59/34-01-R531420.6/87726.7/46.359.3/34.2300MIN 82085Download
PTM-81/42-01-R531706/885.715.2/29.280.9/42320MIN 1235112Download
PTM-86/45-01-R531809/95714.3/2785.8/45.4320MIN 1235112

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