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PMV Series Winch Drum

The PMV series winch drum is a hydraulic motor-driven unit featuring a variable displacement axial piston motor of swash plate design. It is equipped with an integrated balancing valve unit, specifically designed to control the load during the descending phase. Primarily employed in construction, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, and special vehicles, the PMV series exemplifies versatility across a spectrum of demanding applications.

Winch Drum from PMC

Performance: interating advanced technology with a robust design to deliver unmatched performance in construction, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, and special vehicle applications.

The PMV series Winch Drum excels in both mechanical and hydraulic performance, ensuring reliability and precision in various load-handling scenarios. Engineered for safety, the winch drum delivers high braking torques, providing robust stopping power when needed

With various built-in functions, this winch drum offers versatility and adaptability to diverse winching requirements. The design is meticulously optimized, emphasizing high durability and reliability—essential factors for sustained performance in challenging environments. Additionally, the winch drum excels in shock absorption, minimizing the impact of sudden forces and ensuring smooth and controlled operations.

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MODELTorque (kgf.m)Output Speed (rpm)Displacement (cc/rev)Max Speed (rpm)Pressure (kgf/cm2)Parking Torque (kgf.m)Max Flow (L/m)PDF

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